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Competitive Integrity

1.1. Bug Abuse

Participants are expected not to abuse in-game bugs in order to give themselves an advantage.

1.2. Punctuality

Participants are expected to organize and start their matches within 5 minutes.

1.3. Honesty

Participants are expected to be open and honest with Base Rivals Moderators.

1.4. Respect

Participants are expected to treat other participants and Base Rivals Moderators with the utmost respect.

1.5. Gambling

It is strictly prohibited for the organizer or participants to bet on any outcome regarding this event.

1.6. Bribery

Any attempt to persuade another player to alter a result is strictly prohibited.

1.7. Cheating

Participants found to be using any form of cheat software (whether in-game or third party) will be disqualified and banned from all future Base Rivals seasons.

Platform & Registration

2.1. Discord

A Discord account is required to participate in this Base Rivals. Participants are required to be in the FM Base Discord Server, as that is where we host our matchmaking system.

2.2. Registration

You will be automatically registered the first time you join the matchmaking queue.


3.1. Host

The network host is decided by the Base Rivals bot during the matchmaking process. The host will be visible in your lobby.

3.2. Screenshots

Take screenshots of your victory screens in-case of disputes.

3.3. Format

All matches are best of one.

3.4. Save File

You must use the Base Rivals Save Game File. Usage of any other save, or format for your network game is strictly forbidden and will result in disqualification.


4.1. Game Version

You must be using the latest edition of Football Manager and have the latest version installed.

4.2. Settings

Set the match speed to slightly faster, unless both participants agree to a different speed. The same applies to match speed in-between highlights. Any other in-game settings are optional, and can be decided by the participants.

4.3. Skins

Any form of external FM skins are permitted - provided they don’t break Football Manager

Bot Commands

The prefix for all commands is !



View your profile to get basic statistics such as wins, games played and current rank.

!profile @mentionuser

View a friend's profile to get basic statistics such as wins, games played and current rank.



Join or leave the matchmaking queue depending on your status. The first time you use this command you will be registered on Base Rivals.



Summon a Base Rivals Moderator to your match lobby.

!win @mentionwinner

Use this command to submit the match result, and the match winner. This will trigger a sequence of interaction with the bot for both participants.



Generate an embed with helpful resources like this page.


What is Base Rivals?

Base Rivals is the definitive Football Manager matchmaking service. You can use Base Rivals to play 1v1 ranked matches on FM21. By playing matches, you will rank up on the leaderboard and can potentially win prizes.

What are the ranks?

The ranks are as follows: Unknown, Rookie, Prospect, Master and Champion.

How can I take part?

To participate in Base Rivals you need to join the FM Base Discord Server and navigate to the #matchmaking channel.

What is Discord?

Discord is the easiest way to talk over voice, video, and text. Talk, chat, hang out, and stay close with your friends and communities. You can download Discord here.

How do you win prizes?

Finish the season in any of the top eight leaderboard placements.

How do you submit scores?

Score submission is easy! All you need to do is type !win @mentionwinner and the bot will guide you and your opponent through the quick and easy process.

What does @mentionwinner mean?

Discord has a mention function, here's an image of how it works.

How do I claim a prize?

We will contact you via Discord at the end of the Season. All payouts are distributed via Matcherino. We will need your email address.

How long is a season?

A season is three months long, except for the pre-season, which is one week.

Does matchmaking try to match by Rank?

Not right now, although we are monitoring it. We aren't sure how the meta will develop and want to see if there's a significant skill gap before turning this feature on. It's already made, it just isn't enabled right now.

What is the ELO formula?

Elo is a rating system, for measuring your playing strength relative to your opponents. You can read all about the formula here.

Base Rivals

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